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The Benefits of Music: 5 Ways Music Improves Our Lives

Music works like magic. It can cheer us up when we are sad, make us dance for hours and allow us to escape from reality. Apart from the obvious problems that it solves (broken heart), the benefits of music are scientifically proven.

These are just some of the problems in which music can help: Music helps plants to grow faster- Benefits of Music Music can help us to grow the perfect plant. Dorothy Retallack confirmed this thesis in her book, which she wrote in 1973, titled The Sound of Music and Plants. Dorothy played rock songs to one group of plants and soft music to another, identical group of plants. At the end of the study, plants that were listening to soft music were uniform in size, ‘healthy’ green, even were also inclined towards the music source. Plants that grew while she played them rock songs, grew high, but were unstable, with faded leaves, and inclined in the opposite direction of the music source. Music enhances the attitudes and behavior of teenagers-Benefits of Music In a study conducted in 2008, researcher Tobias Greitemeyer wanted to study how the songs affect the attitudes and behavior of teenagers. To one group of teenagers he let them listen the”socially conscious” songs with positive messages, like Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World.” The second group listened the songs with a “neutral” messages. The researchers then “accidentally” knocked down container with pencils. The group that listened positive songs not only that they helped a lot faster, but also picked up five times more pencils than other groups. Listen to music, it is good for your heart- Benefits of Music When we say that music helps the heart, we don’t mean just love problems. We mean your health. Music can help patients who are recovering from heart attacks and heart surgery by lowering blood pressure, slowing heart rate and reducing anxiety. Research shows that listening to songs that cause a sense of joy causes increased circulation and expansion of blood vessels, which has a positive effect on your heart. Music improves the taste of wine- Benefits of Music A group of scientists claims that certain types of music can “improve” the taste of wine up to 60 percent. In the study, respondents ranked the white wine for 40 percent more refreshing when they drank it with cheerful music (listen to the “Just Can not Get Enough” by Nouvelle Vague). The taste of red wine has improved by 60 percent while listening to “Carmina Burana”. Music improves cognitive functions- Benefits of Music Millions of people experience some type of brain damage every year, unfortunately, this can leave consequences, such as problems with movement and speech. According to scientists, the best therapy for the treatment of damage to the brain is music. When they walk or dance with the rhythm, people with neurological damage caused by stroke or Parkinson’s disease can “restore a balanced pace and sense of balance.” The study was done with autistic children who can’t speak, revealed that music helps them to articulate words. Several children, who participated in the study, said their first words right along with music therapy.

By Nermin Hodzic,