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Interactive contemporary musicianship courses incorporating the piano as practical instrument

Playing the piano with a wink or a blink

New technology is enabling children with physical disabilities to play the piano using their eyes. Eye Play the Piano, developed by Japanese researchers, consists of special goggles that allow the wearer to make music with their eye movements. The goggles can recognise the rotation of the eyeball and blinking and then, through an interface, activate a musical note. The new gadget was presented for the first time several weeks ago at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. The first person to try it out was a young student with disabilities, who had been practicing for four months while giving the developers feedback on the technology. The researchers say the technology can also be applied to other musical instruments, as well as opening the door for use in various other fields.

Article written by Ivano Abbadessa – 2015.01.15, posted on