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Paralyzed patients can compose music with eye movement

Someone has rightly said, Music doesn’t have a language, it has a soul. Taking inspiration from the statement, a research team from the UK’s Plymouth University has invented a Brain Computer Music Interface (BCMI) to help paralyzed people compose music through their eyes.

The interface makes use of the electrodes plugged into the back of paralyzed people’s head to create tunes that are in their head. This new invention, which is a blend of tech and music, enables such patients to compose melodies simply by using their eyes.

Revealing about the project, Eduardo Miranda, head of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research at Plymouth University said that he wanted to come up with an invention that would allow people with severe disabilities to compose music. Few years ago, he tested a prototype of this invention with a paralyzed patient in a London hospital and noticed that the patient was able to create his own music simply by looking at the icons. Encouraged with the results, Miranda decided to take this experiment to the finalization stage and this is how the world now has BCMI—a tool that instills people’s belief in the power of technology.

Article published in Gizmodo, Dec 30, 2014