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Interactive contemporary musicianship courses incorporating the piano as practical instrument

OUR VIEW: Small instruments, big impact

Donating ukuleles to Stillwater’s elementary schools doesn’t appear to be a game-changer at first glance.
Friday, the Stillwater Ukulele Association and Daddy O’s music in Stillwater donated 13 ukuleles with instruction books to Will Rogers, Richmond, Skyline and Westwood elementary schools.
The project called Ukuleles in the Schools will encourage students to learn music and have fun doing so.
Nearly everyone enjoys music – some listen, some sing and some play an instrument, but many schools across the United States have discarded music education programs to focus on core subjects.
Music education provides greater benefits than just music appreciation.
Musical training helps develop areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Students who receive music education in elementary school have a better understanding of language and reasoning.
Music students are constantly using their memory to perform. Memorization skills are important in school and letter in life. Music also helps students recognize patterns which helps in math.
Learning how to play an instrument challenges students and gives them a sense of achievement when they’ve learned a song. The sense of achievement extends beyond the music room into the classroom.
Music also is relaxing, builds imagination and intellectual curiosity and improves spatial intelligence which is helpful in advanced mathematics.

Posted: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 11:00 am,