What we see...

what you hear, you sing; what you sing, you play; what you play, you read; what you read, you write

Interactive contemporary musicianship courses incorporating the piano as practical instrument

About MSI

We all heard that “music makes you smarter”, right? Well it does. Extensive music psychology research has been done in the past few years showing that music is the only activity that connects the synapses between your right and your left brain correlating the analytical and creative aspects of it. Studies also show that a child is more receptive early in life, therefore here at MSI we focus on capturing those moments and lead the way to a strong basis in your child’s development.

Why choose MSI

Launched in 1997 MSI is now considered a market leader in music education for young students. We have a one of a kind curriculum based on contemporary music that is designed to provide music courses in group tuition for students from 2 years of age. In addition, classes are fun, energetic and fast paced which holds their attention span.

Here at MSI we have a strong commitment to music education, a training seminar is provided to thoroughly prepare all teachers in our system. All the programs are supported by speed variable disks and have been carefully structured to give the maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components. Individual tuition can be integrated from Year 3 of the program for students wishing to cover any of the National Examination Systems.

The Concept

The concept of MSI courses is simple: what you hear, you sing; what you sing, you play; what you play, you read; what you read, you write.

Diana Gini – Director, Music Schools International – Dallas

I grew up in Europe in a family of musicians, and by the age of 4, I was already absorbed by the magic of music. That is when I started piano lessons under the guidance of an amazing musician, who later became my role model in life. She gave me not only the highest quality of education, taught me skills and love for piano, but also she taught me how to take advantage of all the ways in which music shapes your mind, soul and character.

While finishing my Master’s degree in piano interpretation, I worked as a performer and accompanist, and later on I started teaching. That is when I found my vocation. Being able to have an impact on a child’s life has now become my daily reward.

To be able to get a better insight of the impact of music in our lives, I undertook my PhD in Music Psychology and traveled around the world to capture as much cultural diversity as possible.

Now living in America I have established a music school using the renowned Music Schools International curriculum, a unique method of contemporary music education. With over 30 schools around the world, since 1997, I am proud to have been given the opportunity to open the doors to the first MSI school in Dallas, TX.

Rosalind Thrift – MSI curriculum developer/ Network Director

Rosalind Thrift was awarded a Music Scholarship to further her studies at a tertiary level at the Conservatorium of Music-Sydney after studying music throughout her school years.

She also achieved qualifications from the Royal Academy of Music, London while teaching in the UK. Throughout her career, Rosalind has held music teaching positions in various schools including Director of Music within the private education sector. She has also been responsible for music teacher training at a tertiary level.

Rosalind has a strong commitment to music education and has endeavored to produce contemporary curriculum to enable students to enjoy a musical journey throughout their young lives. In addition she has been dedicated to enable music educators to have the business plan and tools by which each can operate successful business in music education.