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MUSIC & MEMORY SM Program to Launch at Bennington Glen

Marengo, OH — Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Department of Aging residents facing life-limiting illnesses will find renewed joy and pleasure in rediscovering the music that matters to them through MUSIC & MEMORY SM- a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps provide residents with individualized iPods loaded with music playlists personalized just for them. Bennington Glen is among the first of facilities in north central Ohio to participate in the program and to receive a “start-up kit” of 5 iPod Shuffles, headphones, small tabletop speakers and gift card to purchase music that is used to create playlists for patients.

The idea is simple, but the difference that MUSIC & MEMORY SM can make in the quality of life of seriously ill people and their families, is nothing short of remarkable. According to research, the therapeutic benefits of music can provide not only comfort and enjoyment, but also reduce isolation, anxiety and agitation. Music also can help pain medication work more effectively and stimulate movement.

Bennington Glen envisions expanding its MUSIC & MEMORY SM program beyond the initial five residents, to reach all residents with memory loss who could benefit from the program. New and gently used iPods and/or compact discs (CDs), as well as financial support, are needed to continue to build and maintain the program. For more information about Bennington Glen Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, or to make a donation to the program, contact Chris White, Marketing, at 419.253.0144, x205.

By Chris White,,