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Melomind headset uses brainwaves to choose relaxation music

The latest brainwave headset to surface is called Melomind, and unlike the alternatives that promise to make you smarter or faster, this one aims to relax users by delivering customized music playlists that change to cater to one’s current brainwave data. It works in conjunction with a mobile app (both Android and iOS) through which the data is parsed and the music is delivered; it essentially peeks inside of your brain when you’re stressed and determines how best to calm you down.

Users use Melomind by installing the mobile app, then putting on the headset. The headset begins to analyze the wearer’s brain activity and sends it to the app, which does the data crunching. An “audio journey” is provided that then guides wearer’s through the relaxation process.

The brainwave sensing is achieved using sensors embedded in the headset, and the connection is delivered via Bluetooth. The headphones delivering the music, meanwhile, are plugged into the smartphone or tablet. Different “audio environments” are offered for the user to select, and a session lasts between three and fifteen minutes.

The brainwaves data shows the level of stress — as that level decreases, the music becomes calmer to further guide the person into a more relaxed state. Over time, at least according to the maker, the user’s brain will be able to enter a more relaxed state more easily and help manage over all stress levels.

Melomind is priced at $299 USD and is set to ship later this year

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