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what you hear, you sing; what you sing, you play; what you play, you read; what you read, you write

Interactive contemporary musicianship courses incorporating the piano as practical instrument

Group vs. Private

The MSI group classes are structured music programs for children from the age of 2yrs. There are many benefits gained from learning in a group environment. Group lessons are a more musical way of learning. An integral aspect of the MSI education is to train the ear to relate to the specific music notation used to sing or play an instrument. We sing solfege in the group classes (the system of singing Doh, Reh, Mi etc) as this significantly develops the ear, which in turn expedites the learning process. This process is called aural training. Using alphabetical names for aural training has a 100% nil effect. Our curriculum also encompasses rhythmic aural training, co-ordination development, theoretical confirmation of learnt concepts and technical development so that all required processes are developed simultaneously. Our MSI music books and cds have been specifically written to capitalise on an aurally driven music education for young students, so as to give optimum opportunity for them to learn systematically and without pressure.

It must be remembered that all children learn in a group environment at school. It is a comfortable and healthy atmosphere in which to absorb information. There is emotional comfort in group learning. Individual attention in a group environment must always be forthcoming if required, but to learn in a one to one environment continuously, is much more intense for very young students and will often lead to failure. They are simply not mature enough to cope with the pressure. Young children often lack confidence and concentration to relate on an individual level with a teacher. In a group environment however they see, hear and relate from watching others of the same age group in the learning process. As a result we can expose a greater breadth of experience to the learning process in an unpressured and fun-filled environment.

Group classes give the students a confidence in performing through doing their solos regularly in the class. The piano can be quite a lonely instrument at times, so any chance to play as a group and perform for an audience is hugely beneficial. The group classes give the children (and parents for that matter!) an opportunity for socializing and creating friendships, which stay strong for many years. The sheer pleasure and enjoyment of learning to make music, with like minded classmates, participating in supportive, socially enjoyable music classes provides the opportunity for social interaction, which helps to motivate the students to embrace music as an integral part of their lives.

Private lessons are offered for the following reasons: