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Interactive contemporary musicianship courses incorporating the piano as practical instrument

10 benefits of playing a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument brings joy to you and everyone around you. Learning to play an instrument helps you appreciate the essence of music.

It does not take an expert to reap the benefits of playing an instrument. Find out what these benefits are:
Learning to play an instrument helps to increase your memory by stimulating your brain. This is due to the fact that learning an instrument requires you to learn about tones and scores which increases your ability to store audio information.
It teaches a musician to effectively manage your time wisely. In order to succeed, a musician will learn how to use their time efficiently and plan different levels of difficulty to work on.
Playing an instrument helps to enhance your sense of coordination. By reading musical notes on a page, your brain must convert that note into specific motor patterns while also controlling breathing and rhythm as well. Also for most instruments, you have to be able to have your fingers and/or limbs each performing different tasks simultaneously
It helps your mathematical reasoning. In order to read music you have to count notes and rhythms, which has the effect of improving your math skills. These notes and rhythms are synonymous to fractions.
It boosts your team spirit. Most often times, making music requires you work with others to create a melody. You learn to cooperate with each other. There is always the need to listen to another and play together.
Playing an instrument, teaches your patience and perseverance. There are different levels of difficulty to work on to create music. It takes time and lots of patience to attain the greater heights.
It exposes you to cultural diversity. You get to play music from different continents, tribes, and genre. It teaches you about the cultural differences of others.
Playing an instrument helps to relieve stress both to the musician and everyone around the person. Playing any instrument can actually help release the endorphins in your body, which will also result in reduced levels of stress.
It enhances your respiratory system. Air is one of the components for making sweet music. In order to play any piece of music correctly using an instrument, you need to take huge breath and learn to expel the air properly. Breathing exercises which is great for musicians is good for the respiratory system.
Most of all, it is fun.
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